By   "Dixie Prospect"  (USA)  (His progeny are winners on the racetrack)
                            Only 1 yearling available. All others SOLD.

                    Filly (Ch) (born 15th September 2016) ex "Fetching" (Zamindar (USA))    $ 7,000.
                         She is correct and a good example of the progeny of "Dixie Prospect". 
                             Pedigree suggests a "distance" of 1600 to 2000 metres.        

         By   "Canny Show" - (son of Canny Lad)
                    Colt (Br) - (born 2nd November 2016) - ex "Sea Vixen" (Arena)    $ 6,000
                            A late foal, growing strongly.
                                        Pedigree suggests a "distance" of 1200 to 1600.
                           Colt (Br) -(born 16th October 2016) - ex "Mishki" (Danzero)             $ 7,000
                           A strong, well boned colt -great temprement.
                                        Pedigree suggests a "distance" of 1200 to 1600 metres.
Broodmares - available
                         A number of quality broodmares are available.

                         Including Broodmares in foal.